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Radhe Maa’s Makeup Breakdown

Image Courtesy : hindupad
Radhe Maa is most probably the first God woman (self-proclaimed) to be so stylish and fashionable that as soon as she got on the headlines, she became a fashion icon immediately! Her red bejewelled attire floods our computer screens if we go for an image search of this Indian God-woman who is in the news for all wrong reasons, be it for dowry, harassment of bride by her in-laws alongwith our Radhe Maa. Even few celebs accused this holy diva of running a prostitution ring in India or forcing the female disciples to sleep with the male disciples. Well, what Radhe Maa did or did not as a God woman, am no one to judge. I got fascinated by her dancing videos, and Radhe Maa flaunting her long fair legs in short dresses as well as her general look for the masses in red designer salwar kameez or lehenga cholis.

Radhe Maa is/was (as she is out of radar for now, after all the accusations) generally seen with pretty much the same face makeup. She is very fair going by the pictures we can see on google. So now if you want to emulate Radhe Maa’s looks, lets get straight to the makeup breakdown thingy. Please continue reading.

Image Courtesy : totalbhakti
Make your face very fair or pale with the lightest shade of foundation you have. If you are already very fair, similar to her skintone, then use your normal foundation. After that, don’t forget to put on concealer to hide any flaws, as Radhe Maa got absolutely flawless milky white complexion. Coming to the eyebrows, her brows are brownish and soft with almost no arch. So just take a medium brown eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder and fill up your brows. Dont create any arches on the brows. Give your brows a soft look.

Now on the eyelids, pack on a bit of light pink eye shadow or even orangish eye shadow. Monochromatic eye shadow look would be perfect. Since Radhe Maa got very less makeup on her eyes. After that, take a black eyeliner and line your upper eye lid as close to the eyelashes as possible. Dont wing out on the outer corners of the eyes. You can take the same eye shadow which you applied on the upper eye lids, and put a bit of it on your lower eye lids. Or a flesh colored eyeliner pencil can be used on the waterline to give you the Radhe Maa special wide-awake youthful eyes. Final step for the eye makeup is to curl your lashes and put on a coat of mascara. Dont overdo anything!

Image Courtesy : speakingtree
For the blush, just smile and put on pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. You don’t need to blend in the blush much. Radhe Maa got rosy cheeks as you can see. So you blend in properly or not, does not matter for this Radhe Maa inspired makeup look! Skip the bronzer totally.

For the lips, take a bright matte red lipstick and fill in your lips. You need not overdraw the pout, just follow the shape of your lips and apply lipstick. For convenience, you may use a red lipliner first to outline the lips. Once done, just take a tissue, put it in between your lips, and press your lips on the tissue. The excess will get stuck on the tissue, and you will get a matte lip where the red color wont bleed.
Image Courtesy : indiaexpress

Highlighting the face is not necessary, but yes if you want to get some glow (divine-like) go ahead and lightly dust a highlighter below the eye contour, near your cheeks and also on the bridge of your nose.

Finally, don’t forget the red tika. You can use liquid sindoor to draw the tika on your forehead or even a red lipstick will do. Accessories! Yes very important, you take out all chunky neck-pieces and earrings and bangles and deck yourself up with those jewellery. And Radhe Maa is generally seen in red, i guess its her lucky color or her favourite color, so go ahead and wear something traditional or ethnic outfit in red. All set!

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