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4 Eyebrow mistakes that can lead to ugly eyebrows

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Eyebrows frame our face and eyes, so its essential that we take particular care to get perfect eyebrows for our face types. Often inspite of all the hard work to achieve a perfect set of brows, we miserably fail to get it, and end up with an ugly pair of eyebrow! Frustrating, i know. Well, here i shall discuss all the common mistakes that can make your eyebrows look bad.

Whether you pluck and tweeze your own eyebrows or take the help of a professional in a salon to get your eyebrows shaped, you need to understand the perfect shape of brows which will suit your face. In order to get the perfect eyebrows, we go through many mistakes to start with which can result in bad eyebrows, but we need to patient. And try each and every step to achieve perfection.
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Excessive eyebrow plucking – Often ugly eyebrows are a result of too much of brow plucking. This can happen when you are not sure about the best eyebrow shape for your face type or you are not doing the tweezing properly.

Now once you have over-plucked the eyebrows, you need to immediately stop doing it so that hair grows back on the brows. You can exfoliate the skin in that area using a soft toothbrush and also apply brow serum.

Till your eyebrows grow, use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencils to fill in.

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Wrong eyebrow powder or pencil shade – If you somehow got a wrong eyebrow shape, its natural you would want to fill in the brows with eyebrow pencil or powder. But even when filling, if the color of the brow powder or pencil is wrong, that would lead to ugly eyebrows.

If you have sparse eyebrows, fill it up with a brow powder, avoid brow pencils. Only if you are really good at drawing the brows properly, you may use an eyebrow pencil too in that case.

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Bleaching eyebrows – The latest trend in the beauty industry are bleached eyebrows. Also when we color our hair light, we would obviously want lighter brows too to match everything properly. 

However if you bleach the brows, results might be just the opposite as the resultant color is often not what we thought of. Therefore if you are coloring your hair blonde or anything light, leave your eyebrows as it is, do not try to change the hue of the eyebrows.

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Eyebrow tattooing – Eyebrow tattoo is another grave mistake which can lead to ugly eyebrows. Instead of eyebrow tattooing, you can color your eyebrows for a change.

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