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How often should you get your facial done?

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Facial helps the skin to look better by purifying and cleansing the facial skin. There are two types of facials – one, which helps to improve the appearance of the face; two, which helps to lighten any marks or scars on the skin and give a glowing flawless skin without any blackheads or whiteheads. Facials can be done at home by yourself, or you can go to a parlour and get it done.

Its a common question that how often should one get her facial done. While the answer would vary with the type of skin you have, but ideally you should go for a facial when any spots on the skin or blackheads are visible again.

In this article, we shall give some important tips on facial and tell you how often you should get a facial done.
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Why should you get a facial done? – The main objective of getting a facial done is to get rid of any impurities or dirt from the skin as well as make the skin flawless and spotless. If you go to a parlour to get your facial done, its always better because the experts know the right technique to do the facial properly based on your age and skin type. Also a spa or a parlour will have many facial products which are used for professional treatments and may not be available outside. However, you can always buy a facial kit from any beauty store or online shop and try facial by yourself.

How to do facial? –
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Start off by removing every bit of makeup that you might have on your skin. You need a deep cleansing of your skin, so if there is makeup residue on your skin, the facial wont be effective enough. Also the products which you will use during facial, would work the best on clean and clear face.
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Steam your face for at least 10 minutes now. This will open up all pores, and if you apply a bit of pressure you can take those blackheads out of your skin. Take hot water in a bowl and put your face over the bowl, wrap a towel around your head and face, so that the steam cannot evaporate out but work on your face.
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Make sure your hands and fingers are clean while you pop out the blackheads from the skin. Be gentle, otherwise your skin might get damaged. Dont apply any force or else that might lead to wounds or infections. A pro always wears gloves and uses a special tool to remove blackheads so that there is no direct contact with his or her fingers and your skin.

How often should you get facial done? – Coming back to the actual question, its your skin who can actually answer this. Whether you are going for a facial after every 15 days or just two times a year, everything depends on your skin. Your skin is affected by all the makeup and cream and etc that you apply everyday, and this causes the pores to be clogged, make the blackheads appear on the skin, and dark spots appear on the skin. Facial is a deep cleansing technique as already mentioned, so instead of going for it frequently, try exfoliators, scrubbers, brushes to cleanse the face before you go for facial.

Additional tips on facial –
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·         If you have an event to attend or a party, make sure to do your facial at least 2-3 days before, so that if there is any redness caused due to the facial, it will go away within 2-3 days. Also the skin will look more relaxed and clean.
·         As a daily exfoliator, get a face brush for yourself which has soft bristles.  During shower, just use it all over your face to get rid of dead skin cells.
·         After you get your facial done, apply ice or cold water on your face which will close the open pores. Also apply a good moisturizer. If you are going out in the sun, don’t forget to wear SPF.
·         After you get your facial done, massage your face gently with fingertips which will stimulate blood circulation.

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