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How to cover up melasma with makeup

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Many women all over the world suffer from melasma, a type of skin condition which leaves blemishes on the skin. If you are suffering from melasma, don’t worry, we have the right makeup tips to cover melasma on skin for you. Please continue reading.

Dermatologists prescribe hydroquinone bleaches to lighten or fade away the signs of melasma on the skin. However, the effects are only short-term or temporary. But prolonged usage of these creams and lotions may irritate the skin and cause redness on the skin due to chemical burning. So to cover up melasma, its best to use makeup and not bleaches.
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Many makeup brands have realized that normal concealers and foundations cant cover up the blemishes caused by melasma, to conceal the particular skin condition, a more concentrated formula is required which gives full coverage. These kind of concealers which are specially made to cover up melasma, can be used alongwith your regular prescribed medicines, so that you get medical aid as well as can look flawless.

Tips on how to use makeup to cover melasma are given below :-

1.      Choose the right shade – Choose the shade of the concealer or makeup which matches your actual complexion. If somehow you cant find the exact shade of the makeup, mix up few shades of the same brand of foundation and conceaer and apply it.

2.      Mix with moisturizer for sheer dewy look – As mentioned before, makeup for melasma is usually full coverage and thus quite heavy. However, there might be some occasions or days when you don’t want your face to look very dry or cakey, so then you can mix a little bit of moisturizer and get a natural sheer look. But while buying a moisturizer, make sure to do a bit of research to know whether it works okay with the makeup for melasma.
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3.      Dont dilute the makeup if you want fullest coverage – The areas on your face which are affected by melasma will need more coverage than the rest. So you can mix a bit of moisturizer or even plain water with the makeup and apply a layer of it all over the face. Post that, take undiluted makeup and apply it only on the areas which need maximum coverage, that is the areas affected by melasma. This way, you will get an even skin tone all over the face.

4.      Use makeup brush or fingers for blending – To blend makeup either invest in a good set of makeup brushes or use your clean fingers. Better to use a brush as it will allow you to apply makeup as precisely as possible, and the application will be even and smooth too. Dont use makeup sponges or beauty blenders as that soaks up the product. If you want to mix two shades of foundation or mix up moisturizer with foundation, use a camouflage brush.
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5.      Set the makeup with powder – After applying all that heavy makeup, set everything with a nice finishing or setting face powder. This will provide excellent coverage for melasma makeup and also prevent the makeup from smudging or getting transferred. Take a powder brush and put on generous amount of powder on your face, allow it to set for a minute or two and later on brush off the excess.

So ladies, you can easily conceal those brown pigmentation on your skin caused by melasma, with the right application of full coverage makeup. Thus, makeup tips for melasma given in this post will hopefully help you achieve beautiful spotless skin just with the help of makeup!

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