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Concealer hacks and tips for perfect makeup

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Applying concealer in a proper way can make a huge difference to your looks. However, its always better if you are constantly looking for makeup tips to improve the way you apply makeup.

In order to get flawless complexion, a few concealer hacks mentioned in this article will be of great help to you. So, if you ladies are interested to do your makeup right, please go through the concealer tips and tricks mentioned.

Apply foundation before concealer – Many of us make the mistake of applying concealer before applying foundation, but then this is not the right way to do makeup! Always use foundation before you apply concealer. This way, it will be easier to blend in the concealer and also you would need only a little of the product. However, if you apply concealer first and then foundation, then the concealer will get removed due to the next application.

Layering concealers – If you got redness on your face or have acne issues, the best concealer trick is to apply a bit of  green concealer on top of the marks before you put on your usual concealer. For under eye circles, go for peach or salmon colored concealers. And for uneven skin tone, nothing will work better than yellow concealers.

Right consistency of concealer – Choosing the perfect shade of concealer is not enough for concealer application. One of the best concealer hacks is to understand the consistency of the product. For under eye circles, liquid concealer is the best. Even a creamy concealer would work fine. Since the under eye area is very delicate, just use the ring finger to blend in the concealer. For other areas of the face, use a stick concealer.

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Illuminating the eye area – When it comes to dark circles, we generally apply concealer horizontally. But if you really want to brighten up the eye area, apply the concealer in an inverted triangle shape, with the peak of the triangle on the apples of your cheeks and the base near your lower eyelids. This will draw attention to your eyes.

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Base for eyelids – If you are going for a barely-there makeup look or a nude makeup look, concealer is very important in the makeup routine in that case. Just apply a tiny bit of concealer on your upper eyelids and that will hide any eyelid veins or redness. But if you are going to put on eye shadows on your eyelids, then don’t apply any concealer on your upper eyelids as otherwise that will lead to creasing.
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Defining the brows and lips – Concealer comes to aid when you really want a defined lips and eyebrows. Or even if you want the perfect cat eyes look. To create sharp precise lines, apply concealer on top and bottom of your brows. Similarly after applying lip colors, go over the edges of your lips with a concealer, to get a very neat look. Also to correct any mistakes if you have done while drawing cat eyes, concealer will help tremendously. You can take concealer in an angled brush and apply it on the particular areas which need coverage.

Liquid foundation as concealer – You can use your liquid foundation as a concealer too, in case you ran out of concealer. However, one of the best makeup concealer hack is to apply the foundation as concealer and let it sit on the skin for a few minutes before you start blending it in. Put the foundation in dots on the areas which need to be concealed and let it sit for around 5 minutes, and then start blending.

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Depuff eyes – One of the best uses of a concealer is that it can instantly conceal puffiness of the eyes. Just mix eye cream with concealer and a bit of highlighter and apply it on the brow bone areas, on the under eye areas and temples. That will reduce the puffy look on the face.

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Prevent creasing around the eyes – If you want to prevent creasing, just apply the concealer on the skin, by making sure its of the same temperature as that of your skin. If you still face creasing issues, take a tissue and get rid of the excess oil around the eye area, and then apply concealer as you normally do.

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Nude lips look – If you want a gorgeous nude lips look, its always possible to apply a favourite concealer on top of the lipgloss or lipstick you are wearing, and get the nude lips.

I hope the concealer hacks mentioned above, help you to get the perfect makeup done everyday and achieve a gorgeous beautiful look easily!

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