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How to get rid of facial hair

We love being flawless and having a glowing skin, free from any unwanted hair on the face. There are multiple ways to remove facial hair. Some of the procedures are easy and can be done at home, while others are expensive and need the help of an expert but results are permanent or semi-permanent.

In this blog-post, we shall discuss about the various procedures to get rid of facial hair. Read on.
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1. Waxing – This helps in getting rid of facial hair easily. You can buy a waxing kit and try it out at home by yourself, or go to a salon to have a professional waxing done. Though a pro will certainly do the job well, but you can also get strip kits from stores wherein you can just apply the wax strips on the areas of the face where there is hair, and then peel it off.

Pros of waxing : The roots of the hair are removed too during waxing, not just the hair from the skin’s surface, so this lasts longer and when the hair starts growing back, its much soft. Also many women believe that if we wax, fewer hair will grow in next time.

Cons of waxing : Waxing is painful, and you need to wait till some hair at least grow back so that you can wax again. Also hot wax might burn your face, so there is risk in this procedure.

2. Depilatories or hair removal creams – You can get such creams online or even in any beauty or cosmetic store. You just need to spread the cream on the areas you need the hair to be removed from, wait for the time mentioned, and then rinse it off. There are chemicals in the cream which dissolves the hair from the surface of the skin.

Pros of depilatories : You can remove hair from face easily and in a painless way.

Cons of depilatories : Generally the chemicals present in the cream got a strong smell, which may not be pleasant to all. If your skin is sensitive, this might cause chemical burns, so be safe. Also these creams wont work well on thick coarse hair, so if your facial hair is thick, this wont help you in any way. Also hair is removed just from the surface of the skin, so it will come back faster.

3. Threading – Many women thread their eyebrows and upper lips. However, i never dared to try it since i think it is a very painful process. If you are okay with the pain, you can give it a shot.
Generally the aesthetician will use a doubled up cotton thread and just pull out the hair from the roots.

Pros of threading : Since the hair is removed from the root, it takes a long time for the hair to come back.

Cons of threading : Not all salons specialize in threading, and many so called ‘experts’ at salon, may hurt you a lot while trying to do this, especially for the upper lip. So you can try to do it yourself, by trying on your leg hair first. Also, if you are doing it by yourself, you can thread your upper lip and chin by yourself, but eyebrows  should be done by a pro. Also another con is that, this process is painful, so if you are not tolerant to pain, threading wont work for you, just like in my case.

4. Laser hair removal – If you have dark facial hair, then laser hair removal is the best option for you. But if the facial hair is lighter, laser wont work that well.

Pros of laser hair removal : Results are permanent. So you don’t need to spend hours in front of your mirror or at the salon every week to get rid of your facial hair.

Cons of laser hair removal : This procedure is quite pricey, so not suitable for college going girls with a tight budget. Also the procedure is a bit painful.

5. Electrolysis – Electrolysis is a pricey procedure and you will need to go through at least 10-20 sessions. Always go to a licensed electrologist, and not for a newbies.

Pros of electrolysis : Result is permanent.

Cons of electrolysis : You have to go many times to see the complete results. Quite pricey, wont suit girls who are on a budget. Also the procedure is painful.
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6. Shaving – Many girls are shaving their faces these days, but its not totally a great option. Its not necessary that if you shave, facial hair will grow back thicker, but at least it feels so. Generally facial hair have soft fine ends and when you shave them, the ends get coarser.

In case you do want to try shaving your face, first oil your face well, soften the skin. Then put on shaving cream or gel. Now start shaving against the hair growth, don’t shave in several short strokes but just in one stroke. And for the second stroke, shave with the hair growth. This way the hair ends will be softer.

Pros of shaving : Very easy to do. Can shave anytime anywhere and when we do have very less time to look pretty. Also this is very affordable.

Cons of shaving : Hair may grow back coarser. And you need to shave your face often, as shaving removes the hair just from the surface of the skin, so it will grow back sooner.
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7. Sugaring – Sugaring is very similar to waxing, because it pulls the hair away from the roots.

Pros of sugaring : You can do it yourself at home by buying a sugaring kit or you can pay at a salon to get it done. Less painful than waxing. Also this is an inexpensive way to get rid of facial hair.

Cons of sugaring : In India its difficult to find ready-to-use sugaring kits for this purpose. Also not many salons know this technique.
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8. Tweezing – I saved the best for the last. I always use a tweezer to groom my eyebrows. All you need is to invest in a good tweezer with slant edges.

Pros of tweezing : Very easy to do and a quick one too. Tweezer is available anywhere. Removes hair from the roots, so hair grows back slower than other procedures.

Cons of tweezing : You can only use a tweezer if you have to remove only a few facial hair, like on the eyebrow area. If you are a bit impatient, this might not be a suitable process for  you. Also, it hurts first two three times when you use tweezer, later on it gets normal. 

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