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How to wear saree if you are thin

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Saree is the ultimate Indian wear, which every Indian woman wears it at least once in her lifetime. Saree can make a woman look elegant and graceful, and the fact that saree suits on any and every body type is a plus point definitely! Now, often we come across people who say sarees suit women with curvaceous body only, however a thin and slim woman can wear saree and look gorgeous too! But, you need to be able to accentuate your best body features by choosing proper fabric and color for your own body type.

In this article, we shall give out tips on how to wear a saree if you really thin and not curvy. So, read on, because these tips will definitely will help you a ton.
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Types of saree – Its the natural instinct of human beings to hide their flaws and accentuate their best qualities or features. In this case, a skinny or thin girl would love to look fuller if she wears a saree. So, in order to fake the curves or create them you need to choose the right type of saree for skinny girls. Sarees made up of fabrics like cotton, organza, tissue and silk are great for slim women. These kind of fabrics wont stick to the body thus creating an illusion of curves.

However, sarees made up of fabrics like georgette, net and chiffon should be avoided if you want a fuller curvaceous look, since these fabrics will stick to the body.
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Prints on saree – For a skinny girl, sarees with heavy embroidery or embellishment are the best.

If you are skinny and tall, wear sarees which have big attractive prints on it and motifs.

However, if you are short-heighted, go for sarees which have no borders or if it got borders, make sure the border is very thin. Sarees with stripes or small prints would look good on you. Big wide borders on sarees are a big NO for your body type.
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Color of the saree – If you want to create the illusion of fuller size, go for bright vibrant colors. Blocks of colors on the saree will break the long body line at least visually thus making your body look fuller.

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Blouse – Thin girls have slender toned arms as well as an envious midriff. Therefore, just flaunt your good features. Wear a blouse with puffed up sleeves to flaunt your arms. Go for low cut blouses or even corsets which will create the illusion of fuller silhouette. Also wear the saree a bit below the navel, to flaunt your midriff.

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