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How to make matte lipstick at home

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Homemade natural cosmetics are always preferable rather than going for all chemicals. Therefore, if we can make lipsticks at home by ourselves with the help of homemade items, that would be fun to try out and also safe for your skin.

Matte lipsticks or lip colors never go out of fashion. If you make homemade matte lipsticks, the best thing about it is that, you can make lip colors of your choice instead of buying a color which you don’t like after coming back home and regret the entire week after purchasing it. Homemade matte lipsticks will be definitely cheaper and safer for anyone. So in this article we shall be telling you how to make a matte lipstick naturally at home.

Ingredients required to make matte lipsticks at home :
·         1 teaspoonful of Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Beeswax is also okay.
·         1 teaspoonful of oil. (You can use coconut oil or olive oil or vegetable oil. Baby oil will also work.)
·         1 teaspoonful of shea or cocoa butter.
·         1/4th teaspoonful of Bentonite Clay. (This will add the matte texture.)
·         A tiny round container.
·         For coloring you can use eyeshadow. If you want 100% natural cosmetics then go for natural coloring ingredients. Like for red color, you can use beetroot powder or just  a drop of red food color. For brown color, you can use a bit of cinnamon powder or one fourth teaspoonful of natural cocoa powder.

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How to make :
·         If you are using Vaseline or petroleum jelly as the base, just put it in the container and mix it with shea or cocoa butter and oil.
·         If you are using beeswax as the base, make sure to melt it first and then mix it with oil and shea or cocoa butter.
·         To add color to your homemade matte lipsticks, if you are using eye shadows, then get loose eye shadows for that, of a color of your choice. If you have pressed eye shadows, crush it first so that no lumps are present. After that, mix the eye shadow dust with the above mentioned mixture.
·         If you want entirely natural beauty product, go for natural products then for coloring. Experiment by adding different sorts of ingredients and in different amounts to get different shades of natural lip colors.
·         Now add the bentonite clay to the mixture and mix everything well.
·         Now just transfer the mixture to the tiny round container, if you have used Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Its ready for use. If you have used beeswax, the mixture will be still in liquid form. So just pour it carefully in the container, don’t fill up the container entirely because the lipstick will start expanding as it starts cooling down.

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Remember to store the homemade matte lipstick in a cool dark place, so that it does not get soft.

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