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How can you make translucent powder at home

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Translucent powder is the holy grail of makeup if you have oily skin or your T-zone area gets oily. It helps to keep the makeup intact, and you can also touch up your makeup often by dabbing a bit of powder. It absorbs excessive oil and moisture and gives a matte look. So if you are interested in natural cosmetics made at home, or homemade cosmetic items then read this article which will give tips on how to make translucent face powder at home.

Ingredients required to make translucent powder at home :
·         Corn flour or even rice flour
·         Red clay
·         (Optional ingredient) Glitter
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How to make : 
·         Take a clean container with lid and take 3 tablespoonful of rice or corn flour in it. Corn flour is the best for this beauty product as it will make the skin soft and smooth.
·         Now put a bit of red clay in the container and mix it with the flour. It should add a nice color. Red clay also helps the skin to get rid of impurities and helps to treat acne. Stir the components well.
·         Now put the lid on the container, and shake everything well. If you want a bit of glow in the powder, mix a bit of white glitter in the mixture and shake.
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The homemade natural beauty product is ready now. You can apply this translucent powder on the skin after you have put on foundation. This will mattify the skin and give a natural finish to your makeup. You can use a large powder brush and swiftly brush the powder all over your face especially on the T-zone which gets oily pretty fast.

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