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Makeup for college students

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You are a teenager still if you are in college or probably you just have hit early 20s. Whatever be the number, you know you are youthful and having a fun time in your life. But this is the stage when you are not quite sure of what will look good on you. You may spend hours thinking about ‘how should i apply my makeup?’, ‘what makeup products should i use?’ etc. This article will provide you some helpful tips to do your makeup right as this particular blog-post is dedicated to college student makeup. So, don’t be stressed and don’t worry much, we have your questions covered!

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Skincare for college students – Before you jump in to makeup, taking good care of your skin is extremely important. You can get away from blemishes and acne if your skincare routine is good enough.
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·         Now, before application of makeup, its always necessary to start by washing your face well. If your skin is dry, go for mild cleansers, even cream cleansers will work. If your skin is quite oily, use a cleanser which has salicylic acid.
·         Next comes moisturizing your face which will hydrate the skin and prep the skin. If your skin is dry, go for heavy or intense moisturizers. If your skin is oily, choose an oil-free moisturizer.
·         Finally, don’t forget to wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30. If you don’t like piling too many products on your face, go for a tinted moisturizer which has SPF in it.

Makeup Base for college students –
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·         Foundations have a tendency to make one look older and the skin look cakey at times. So its best to skip foundation when you are doing makeup for college. You should look natural and accentuate your natural beauty.
·         However, concealer is a must-have. As an adolescent, you might have dark circles and acne scars or blemishes. Take a concealer which matches your complexion or just 1 shade lighter than your skintone. Just dab it on the spots which need to be covered up and gently blend it with finger. Dont wipe it! After that, put a bit of face powder over the spots so that its set. Its better to use a yellow tone concealer under your eyes, if you want to brighten the eye area. Dont go for concealers which are too pink or white or ash in color.
·         You can always use a tinted moisturizer as a base on your face instead of using foundation. However, its okay if you want some heavy makeup at times and then you can definitely go for foundation. Choose a foundation shade which matches your complexion exactly. Take a foundation brush and put the foundation on it and draw 6 lines all over your face, starting from nose all the way up to the forehead, then nose to your right and left cheeks, nose to chin and then nose to both sides of your jaws. Use the brush to blend everything well, and put some foundation on the neck too, so that the color all throughout your face and neck matches. You can also use a sponge or beauty blender to blend everything well.
·         Powdering the face is not required unless you have oily skin. Since you are already young, you will have a natural glow on your face and the face powder will kind of cover it up. So, you can brush powder on the spots where you have used concealers and also on the T-zone i.e. your forehead, nose and chin. This will help to absorb excessive oil keeping the glow intact.

Eye Makeup for college goers –
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·         Start by brushing your eyebrows upwards and not inwards. You can use an eyebrow brush or a toothbrush for this. Keep your brows neat and well groomed. Dont pluck the brow hair excessively.
·         For the eye shadow, go for a natural shimmery eye shadow. Apply it up to the crease, not on the brow bone. You can also apply some of it on the lower eyelids. If you have brown or hazel eyes, go for warm eye shadow colors like copper or gold hues. You can also wear some fun colors like blue or green if its night time.
·         I wont recommend a black eyeliner for a college student, unless its a special occasion. For everyday makeup, go for purple or brown eyeliners. If your eyes are small, avoid dark eyeliners. Also for a young college student, keep the eyeliner application on the upper eyelids thin as close to the lashes as possible. Too much of eyeliner can make one look like a raccoon.
·         For mascara, you can either go for brown or black mascara. Just wiggle out the mascara wand as you apply mascara on the lashes. Dont apply a lot of the product as it will result in clumpy eyelashes.

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Blush for college students’ makeup – You just need to add a bit of color on your cheeks without overdoing it. So keep the blush color natural. Dont opt for too dark or intense blush colors. Pink rosy blush or bronzers are ideal for college girls. And to apply the blush, just smile, and apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Some people even add blush on their foreheads, chins and noses, but i personally never did that, however you may try.

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Lips for college girls’ makeup – Instead of using a lipstick, go for more natural makeup products like a lipgloss or lip tint. Lip gloss will just enhance your natural lip color adding a bit of shimmer. And lip tint will add a bit of color to the lips. Soft pinks or light browns work well for college going girls. However, do not use dark shades, that will make you look older!

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