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7 Eyeliner Styles for you

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As the proverb, variety is the spice of life. And its essential to change stuffs to get rid of boredom in our lives. We change outfits, shoes, hair styles, lip color etc but what about flaunting different eyeliner styles everyday? Am sure, you girls would love to experiment with eyeliner styles. Whatever is our budget, we can always get an eyeliner to get our eye makeup done properly. So, here’s how you can change your look instantly with just the same eyeliner that you have been using the last month!
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1.      Usual eyeliner style – You can use a pencil eyeliner, a liquid eyeliner or gel or cream liner to line the eyes. The old usual eyeliner style is damn easy to achieve. Just apply the eyeliner on your top and bottom eyelids as close to the eyelashes as possible, blend it a bit out and to get an elongated eye makeup look, you can also tightline the upper lash line.
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2.      Thick eyeliner style – You can make the line thick uniformly or just make it thicker as you go to the middle till the end. So, if you make the line thicker from the middle to the end, the eyes will get a round shape. And if you just make the lines thick at the end, it will give a cat eye look.
If you have small eyes, don’t go for dark eyeliners, instead stick to gray or brown eyeliner.
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3.      Double Eyeliner style – If you have monolids or protruding eyes, then this eyeliner style will work the best for you as you will have enough space on the eyelids to work on. For monolids, double eyeliner technique will create an illusion of crease and definitely add dimension to your eyelids.So just line your eyes as you do, on the upper lids as close to the lashes as you want. And on the crease start lining from the outer corner till the middle portion and then blend it inwards to the inner corners of the eyes.
( Cat eyeliner style ) Picture Courtesy : stylentips

4.      Winged eyeliner style ( Cat eye look ) – For a winged eyeliner look, you can just wing out the line at the end pointing towards the eyebrows. It can be just a tiny wing, or you can just wing out the line on top, or you can thicken the line out with a flick at the outer corner of the eyes.
( Winged eyeliner style ) Picture Courtesy : popsugar
5.      Winged eyeliner style ( Elongated eye look ) – A cat eye look will give your eyes a slanting appearance but an elongated eyeliner style will create an illusion of pulling or stretching your eyes out. This is the best eyeliner technique for small eyes. So just line your eyes as you would do normally, and extend the line outwards a bit further than where your eyes actually end, you don’t need to flick up the line upwards like in the cat eyeliner technique but it can be a horizontal line.
( Fishtail eyeliner style ) Picture Courtesy : pinterest

6.      Fishtail eyeliner style – If you are going out for partying or for some fun events, you can try this. However, this is not suitable for an everyday office or business makeup look. You can just create wings which can be splitted up at the end of the eyes or just cross the wings at the outer corner of the eyes.
( Winged inside eyeliner style ) Picture Courtesy : maybelline

7.      Winged inside eyeliner style – You can wing the eyeliner inwards by just extending the line inwards in the inner eye corners. If you have monolids or wide set eyes, this eyeliner style will work perfect for you!
If you have close-set eyes, avoid this eyeliner style, since this technique will bring your eyes close together, which is not required if your eyes are already close.

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