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Makeup tips for red hair

Makeup tips for red hair (Picture Courtesy : blog.makeupforyourday)
Its not a very easy task to choose the right makeup look which will flatter your hair color as well as complexion. Now, if you are a redhead be it natural or not, makeup tips for red hair is not that easily found. You have to choose such makeup colors and tones which will go well with your hair color.

Natural redheads generally do have fair complexion which can be referred to as ‘milky white complexion’ and freckled skin. However, these days, many of us, take the help of chemicals to be a redhead even if we may not be so naturally. So if you are a brave girl, and pulling off  red hair, this post is for you as we offer a handful of makeup tips for redheads.

Makeup base for redheads –
Face makeup for red hair (Picture Courtesy : pixshark)

·         If you have any discoloration on your face or redness, conceal them with a concealer.
·         For foundation, go for a sheer foundation.
·         Dont try to hide freckles, in fact thats one of your best feature to play with if you have red hair. Let it show through your light coverage foundation.

Blush for redheads –
Blush for red hair makeup

·         If you are too much into bronzers, its high time to go easy on it. Its best not to wear bronzer. But if you have to wear it, then go light with bronzer. This is because at times the color of the bronzer might be quite close to your hair color, and you need to bring out the contrast between your hair color and skin tone, and hence you need to maintain a safe distance from bronzer or excessive application of it.
·         A peach blush will work the best on a redhead whether you have a warm or cool skin tone.
·         Pink can be a bit challenging as it might give one a ruddy looking skin tone also its difficult to blend in the skin.

Eye makeup for redheads –
Eye makeup for red hair girls

·         Eye shadows and eye liners in colors like soft medium brown, navy blue, taupe, bronze, light muted purple, muted green would look pretty on you. However, a black eye liner or eyeshadow would be too harsh for your face and hair color, so you may like to avoid it.
·         Its a common belief, that redheads look better with brown mascara, but thats not the case always. You can definitely wear black mascara.
·         Also, don’t neglect your eyebrows. Fill them up or get them tinted at a salon. It need not be a perfect match with your hair color, but there should be a perfect harmony between the brows and your hair color.
·         If you are wearing cool toned eye shadows, make sure the cheek color and lips are of warm tones. So that there is some sort of balance.

Lips for redheads –
Lips for red hair makeup look (Picture Courtesy : polyvore)

·         A soft peach lipstick or lipgloss or a light pink lip color will go well.
·         However, you need not be afraid of a red lipstick. You can definitely wear one. It might seem to be a bold choice, but its worth the try. Especially if you have dark auburn hair color, you can always look gorgeous with a red lip color.
·         A bright orange lipstick is unfortunately not a suitable lip color for a redhead. So you can throw away any orange lipsticks from your makeup stash. However, if you want a tangerine touch, go for a warm rich red lipstick with a hint of gold.
·         Hot pinks and fuchsias may not be the best lip color options for a redhead, therefore stick to berry pink lip colors instead. Cool lip colors are difficult to be pulled off if you have red hair.
·         So, if you love pink, then go for pink colors which have more red in it. 

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