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How to know the shape of your face

How to find the shape of your face (Picture Courtesy : utahplasticfacials)
Knowing your face shape will help immensely while applying makeup or if you are going for a new haircut or if you are buying a new pair of glasses. A particular style which looks great on a woman with oblong face that is long and narrow wont be suitable for a square face. Therefore, determine your face shape right away. All you need is to take a measuring tape and then read this post and follow the guidelines mentioned herein.

Take the measurements of the following areas (centimetre or inches both fine) :-

·         Forehead measurement – Place the tap on one peak of the eyebrow or the arch of the brow and pull it from there to the other arch of the opposite brow. Note the measurement.

·         Cheekbone measurement – Just measure the cheekbones by placing the measuring tape on one side of sharp bump which is located below the outer corner of the eyes to the other upper cheek.

·         Jawline measurement – Take measurement from chin’s tip to the point below the ear where the jaws angle up. Note the measurement and multiply it by two.

·         Face length measurement – Take the measurement from the tip of your chin to the centre point of your hairline.

Now look at the measurements you have taken down and find out the largest of it all.
Round face shape (Picture Courtesy : iloverelationship)

Round face – Measurements of cheekbones and face length are same. Again, jawline and forehead have similar measurements. However, cheekbones and face length are larger than the latter. Also the angle of the jaw is soft.
Square face shape (Picture Courtesy : rosineyecare)

Square face – Measurements of the entire face is almost same. But the jaw’s angle is sharp.
Diamond face shape (Picture Courtesy : selectspecs)

Diamond face – The length of the face is largest. Cheekbones a bit smaller than it and then forehead but the smallest part of all is the jawline. This kind of face has a pointed chin.
Oval face shape (Picture Courtesy : pagesflipper)

Oval face – Length of the face is larger than cheekbones and then forehead is larger than jawline. Jaw’s angle is rounded.
Oblong face shape (Picture Courtesy : debrajshome)

Oblong face – Length of the face is the largest. Rest of the face have similar measurements.
Triangular face shape (Picture Courtesy : coastal)

Triangular face – Jawline is large with smaller cheekbones and the smallest part of the face is the forehead. Length of the face does not matter much in this kind of face shape.

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