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How to reduce the visibility of pores on your skin

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First and foremost, to help decrease the size of the skin pores, you need to follow a skincare routine which would help your skin get covered in all ways, like anti-aging, pores, pigmentation to name a few. Often oil and dirt which gets accumulated in the skin pores, make the pores look larger and bigger. So make sure you use a pore unclogging facial mask, at least once every week. Be consistent with this skincare regimen so that the pore size is shrinked. For a long term result, you need to be using face mask consistently and for a long period of time. Apply the mask and leave it upto 20 minutes, you can use it once to twice every week, or more frequently too.

For larger pore, a pore refining face primer can be beneficial. For oily skin, pores are more visible, so if you use a face primer, that will reduce the shine and also make the pores less visible. So take a beauty blender sponge or even a foundation brush would do, and apply a thin layer of the primer on the problematic areas. Let it be there for a minute. And then proceed by applying your bb cream or foundation over the primer.

After your makeup is done, you would obviously want it to stay for long. A long wear concealer will definitely help the makeup to stay on long without sliding off and can also minimize the visibility of pores. Apply the concealer lightly on the concerned areas and take a concealer brush or a beauty blender sponge and blend in well. Firstly apply the foundation, and then apply the concealer on the spots which needs to be covered up. This will help it stay in place for long. However, if you apply the concealer before applying foundation, it will run off your skin while applying the foundation, so never try that.

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