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Aspirin Mask for Pimple and Acne Treatment

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Sometimes, a simple medicine like aspirin can be of great use in clearing up pimple and acne on skin. We don’t need expensive creams and ointments to get rid of acne and pimples. Aspirin is a miracle when it comes to on spot treatment for pimples and acne.

Aspirin masks are a big hit these days among women. Aspirin contains aminosalicylic acid, which is very close to salicylic acid. This is a great stuff for skincare and many pimple healing products contain this. Lemon juice which is also a part of the aspirin mask contains citric acid which has antibacterial properties, which helps tremendously in healing pimples and evens out the complexion.

Another ingredient of the mask is honey. It soothes the skin. Also baking soda is a part of the mask, which works as an exfoliator, very gentle for the skin and makes the skin soft and supple.

Ingredients of the Apirin Mask :-
·         3 to 6 aspirin tablets
·         1 big lemon
·         Baking soda
·         Glass cup to crush the aspirin
·         Dish

How to prepare the mask :- If you need more coverage, then go for 6 aspirin tablets or 3 would do. Put the tablets in a ziplock bag and crush them using the glass cup. You can also mixer or coffee grinder for this purpose. Even mortar and pestle is also fine.

Now place the crushed aspirin in a dish and squeeze lemon juice in it. Like 1-2 tablespoonful of lemon juice for 3-6 tablets. Allow the powdered aspirins to dissolve in the juice so that you get a nice paste.
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If you have dry skin, mix 1 tablespoonful of honey, and moisturizer. Or you can use almond, coconut or olive oil too. Stir everything well. If you have oily skin, avoid this step.

You can now apply the paste as a face mask all over your face or for spot treatment, use it only on the pimple parts. Let it dry.

Now taking a warm wet washcloth and dip it in baking soda and use that to wipe off the mask from your face. 

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