Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amway Attitude Compact Powder REVIEW


The Amway Attitude Compact Powder is one of the compact powders that i am using of late. It comes in a brown case with an outer cover which is made up of paper and is brown in color too. The case is nothing fancy, very plain and simple, with an attached mirror inside and a puff. The best part of this compact is it got a sandalwood smell, and i like the fragrance a lot. It costs INR Rs 699.

I did not buy this myself, i got this as a gift from one of my relatives. As i like loose powder or translucent powder more than compact powder. Amway Attitude Compact Powder is in the shade Medium and matches my skintone. I usually do not apply the powder with the puff applicator which comes alongwith this powder, instead i use a large powder brush for smooth and better application. Puff applicators always make the application patchy when it comes to compact so i avoid.

Seriously i think this compact powder is very over-priced as we get L√≥real compact powder for just 399. Also there are no brownie points which i can give to the Amway Attitude Compact Powder as its a basic compact powder. Does not contain SPF too. Had it been with my own money, i would not invest it in this product. It does make the makeup look matte on the face for an hour or so, but one needs to reapply after every hour if he or she has got oily skin like me. I have not noticed any patchiness if you apply this powder lightly with a large powder brush.

Overall, this is an okayish product however its not worth the 699 price tag. Definitely i wont repurchase the Amway Attitude Compact Powder in near future.

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