Friday, October 21, 2016

Enliven Active Nail Polish Remover REVIEW


I just got the Enliven Active Nail Polish Remover 2 days back, and just used this today. Generally, i do love to change my nail colors often, so a nail polish remover is always helpful. I do usually use the Faces Nail Polish remover, but recently came across this one in an online site and saw that this costs only INR Rs 215 for a pack of 250 ml. So i immediately had to buy this nail polish remover and try it out.

What Enliven claims about the Enliven Active Nail Polish Remover ? : Enliven Nail Polish Remover with added Glycerin has been specially formulated to care for your nails whilst removing your nail polish.

Directions for Use : Moisten cotton wool with nail polish remover. Wipe gently over the nail to remove polish. Suitable for natural nails only. Use only as directed.

Ingredients : Acetone, Aqua, Glycerin, Methylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, etc.

Firstly i would like to mention about the ingredient Methylparaben in this, the chemical is used widely in many cosmetics as a preservative. However, it has been stated that this increases the chances of breast cancer in women. So this is not a good thing to be present in any of the cosmetics or products that we use. And this nail polish remover has it as one of the prime ingredients, so if you care about your health, dont buy this and regret like me. Red flag!

Enliven Active Nail Polish Remover comes in a big plastic bottle, very inexpensive for the quantity that it provides compared to other nail polish remover in the market. Its a transparent bottle with a dak blue cap on it. And once you open the cap, you see a big opening inside, so you need to be extremely careful after you open this and try to take out the remover on the cotton ball, as you can always spill and waste a lot of product if you are not careful or in a hurry. They should have put a cap with small slits in it so that application would have been easier. Thumbs down for this disadvantage.

Overall, it cleans well, just like the Lakme nail polish remover, however i just love the Faces one a lot. Enliven Nail Polish Remover claims to condition the nails since it contains glycerin, dont know about this though! You need to take at least 2-3 big drops of the remover to remove nail paint for 5 finger nails of your hands, and then repeat for other hand. I have long finger nails and i had applied 2-3 coats of nail polish. Definitely the quantity will vary depending on nail polish quality and other factors. I believe one bottle will easily last 2-3 months even if we use once every week.

Though the remover does the work well, but i am very unhappy due to the harmful ingredient present in the Enliven Nail Polish Remover and might have to discard this.

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