Friday, October 21, 2016

Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Color SPF 20 REVIEW (Shade Fuschia Smile 421)


I have used the Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Color SPF 20 for 4-5 times now. Its in shade Fuschia Smile 421. Its basically a pink fuschia color. It comes in a cardboard outer packaging light shimmery pink in color with a sleek metallic case which is again of pinkish color. The packaging is extremely travel-friendly. The cost is INR Rs 545 for a pack of 4.2 g.

What Lotus claims about the Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Color SPF 20 ? : Ecostay lip color is a preservative free, natural, long lasting, hydrating lip color. One swipe and your lips are ready for healthier shine all day long without any loss of moisture, ensuring flawless finish. SPF 20 gives UV protection. Give your lips this healthy nutrition.
Feel the PURITY all day long.

To start this, i must say Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Color SPF 20 is not a proper long stay lipstick, i have used better long stay makeup products, and this one does not live upto the expectation or claims. The lipstick will stay intact as long as you dont take a sip of water or a bite, post that it will start fading. Yes the pinkish tint stays on the lips for almost 12 hours, but if you are talking about long staying power, then this does not work! This Lotus lipstick is not waterproof or smudge-proof.
Swatch of Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Color Fuschia Smile 421

The finish that you get is semi-matte and you need to put at least 2-3 swipes on your lips to get full coverage, so the process is kind of cumbersome, and it would be better to say Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Color does not give enough color payoff. It has a weird fruity smell, something which i am not a fan of but can live with it. I have also heard the lighter lipcolors of this range, dries up the lips faster and gets patchy, though i have not noticed something like that with this particular shade of Fuschia Smile.

However, that the Lotus lipstick contains SPF 20 is an added advantage. Also the company claims that the lipsticks are paraben and preservative free and totally natural. Finally i would like to write here i did not like the Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Color SPF 20 because the price is quite high and the pigmentation is not that great. Also the particular shade of pink makes my face look darker, so probably i wont be trying out anymore shades from this range in future.

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