Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lakme Black Impact Eye Liner REVIEW


The Lakme Black Impact Eye Liner has been with me for more than 1 year and recently i started using it, and i know its going to expire soon so i thought of reviewing it. So this costs INR Rs 225 and comes in a pack of 3.5 ml. This Lakme eyeliner is in the market for a long time and is never going to go out of fashion it seems.

What Lakme claims about the Lakme Black Impact Eye Liner ? : Lakme 9 to 5 Impact Black Eye liner is there to stay! This rich, intense black liner, makes your look last longer with its silky, water resistant & fast drying formula. Give your eye makeup a bold and lasting impression with its rich and defined hues. The liner is easy and smooth to apply and the brush handle offers a comfortable grip so you can create the looks you want, without uneven lines! The Lakme 9 to 5 Black Impact Liner is a glam staple you should have!
  • Rich intense color in a silk forumla.
  • Water resistant - fast drying.
  • Long handle for easy grip.

Ingredients : Aqua, lpm, Disodium Edta

So this eye liner is one of the most affordable liquid eye liners right now in the market, with a good quality, because the brand Lakme is something which is trustworthy and reliable since its in the market for a long time. Lakme Black Impact Eye Liner comes in a brown bottle plastic made with a golden cap. It got a long handle as has been mentioned, but the tip is not thick and sturdy, and therefore bends away very quickly. Very difficult for someone with shaky hands to apply this liner. I usually draw the line first with an eye pencil and then go over the same line with this liner. That makes the application easy, or else the applicator is good for nothing. You would need a proper felt tip eyeliner applicator to make the application smoother.

Usually one stroke is not sufficient, so i reapply. So the pigmentation is not superb, but what more can you expect for eye makeup under 500 these days? The liner stays on for 4-5 hours easily, and might get faded away with time. Its water resistant as has been mentioned, but not totally water proof. Lakme Black Impact Eye Liner is travel-friendly, you can carry it in your purse, nothing to worry about spillage.

Overall, Lakme Black Impact Eye Liner is a good eye liner, considering its price. It is definitely not the best eyeliner in India, but then the price and availability makes it really likable.

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