Thursday, October 20, 2016

Amway Attitude Eye Liner Review


Here is another eye liner which i am going to write about today. It is the Amway Attitude Eye Liner in black. It comes in a small black bottle with silver cap. The weight is 2.8 ml and it costs INR Rs 599.

What Amway claims about the Amway Attitude Eye Liner ? : Beautify your eyes with Attitude eye linerAttitude smudge-free long wear eyeliner dries quickly. Its superior skin compatibility gives lush black look to your delicate eyes. Now use this instant settling eye liner and let your eyes do the talking.

The pigmentation of Amway Attitude Eye Liner is just amazing, one stroke and you get a nice bold line. You may reapply as per your choice. The felt tip eyeliner applicator makes it damn easy to apply the eyeliner. Once you apply, initially you will get a cool feeling, which eventually goes away and leaves on the matte black eyeliner intact. However this is not totally smudge-proof so you just cant rub it with your hands vigorously and expect it to stay intact. This is water-resistant eye liner but not water-proof as i have tested it, and nothing has been claimed by Amway too regarding this.

The only issue is that this eye liner is quite expensive, being a liquid eye liner. I mean its not even a waterproof eyeliner, so the price is kind of high compared to other liquid eye liners available in the market. However, the color payoff is great as i get a bold black matte stroke everytime i use this, and it stays for at least 4 hours without fading unless i rub a tissue over it and then it will smudge. Otherwise i like this Amway Attitude Eye Liner.

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