Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture REVIEW


As winter is setting in, its absolutely necessary to take care of dry chapped lips. So let me review a few lip balms and lip creams. Today i have got the Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture. It contains 10 g of the product and costs INR Rs 45. It comes in a white plastic tube with blue cap. It has got a nice light smell.

What Vaseline claims about the Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture ? : Rejuvenate your skin with the original, Lip Jelly from Vaseline. Formulated with 100% pure petroleum jelly, this lip protectant provides your dry lip skin with long-lasting moisture. Its triple-purified advanced solution feels gentle on your lip skin. It gives you smooth and even looking lip skin avoiding dryness and preventing pore clogging. It reaches your deepest skin cells and locks in the moisture giving you nourished and healthy lips. The effective skin protectant keeps your skin from chapping, windburns, scrapes and cuts. It is specially designed for itchy dry lips and is ideal to use during the harsh winter season. This tiny 10 gm pack can be carried anywhere for instant softness.

Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture is basically a lip jelly which is transparent in color and does not color the lips. It is a bit glossy when applied on the lips, but that should not be an issue since any lip gloss would be same kind of glossy. But one good thing about this is that it is not sticky. This nourishes the lips really well and is so affordable. Also the packaging is travel-friendly and since the tube is so small you can always carry it around. I am generally not much of a lip jelly lover kind of person, however today after i took bath, my lips began to feel dry so i had to go through my closet to find some lip care products. And since this is the most affordable lip jelly i have ever used, i decided to review this right now.

I like this lip balm and definitely would repurchase this anytime soon. But a little of this is enough to take care of the dryness on lips so one tube will last long. Also unlike the lip balms that comes in tub, the Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture comes in a squeezy tube and therefore you dont have to dip your fingers to get the jelly. Very convenient. Mine looks very dirty as it has been lying in the drawer for quite sometime now, excuse that! If your lips are too dry then you might have to apply twice or thrice a day to keep it hydrated. So if you are on a budget and yet want a great lip balm or lip jelly, then you must try this out.

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