Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Makeup Revloution London Dazzle Amazing Lipstick REVIEW


This lipstick has been lying inside one of my drawers for almost a year now, it is the Makeup Revloution London Amazing Lipstick in Dazzle. I bought this online quite sometime back and have used this a number of times. It costs INR Rs 450. It got a bit of weird smell. Anyways moving on to the review.

What Makeup Revloution claims about the Makeup Revolution London lipstick ? :
  • Non-sticky
  • Long lasting
  • High Color Payoff

How to use : Choose a lip liner that is the same shade as the lipstick. Outliner the upper and the lower lip in a perfect one stroke application that lines and defines the natural shape of your lips.

Makeup Revloution London Dazzle Amazing Lipstick is basically a hot pink shade. It comes in a plastic black case with transparent top where you can see the color. So basically this system is good for people who keep lipsticks in lipstick organizers where only the head is visible, and this way you get to pick the color of your choice instantly. Back to the shade, its not just a hot pink shade but got a subtle golden sheen in it. Thats what i love about this color. It is perfect for people who want bold bright lips. It is of creamy and heavy consistency and is sticky so the claim of non-sticky is untrue. However, its very long lasting lipstick indeed and easily lasts upto 6 hours. It is water-resistant so even if you drink water it wont really take off the lipstick, but then this is transferrable so thats one thing. After a full meal, you will just find a nice soft pink tint on the lips, and thereafter you can just retouch the lipstick.
Swatch of Makeup Revolution London Dazzle Amazing Lipstick

Makeup Revloution London Dazzle Amazing Lipstick is highly pigmented, one coat is enough to cover even pigmented lips, however two coats would bring more vividness. On the other side, i must say during humid days, this lipstick bleeds terribly on the lips, and also if we keep it in drawer it tends to melt, as you can see from the picture, the lipstick's shape is kind of deformed. Also mine broke off from the base suddenly, so the quality and packaging is not that great. However if you want good color payoff and a long lasting lipstick under 500 bucks, you might like to try this. For me, as this is kind of sticky, and got the bleeding issue, i wont be trying anything from the similar Amazing range of Makeup Revolution, but might try other lipsticks from this company.

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