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Beauty tips by Bollywood Actresses for Monsoon

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.

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As we are getting soaked up in the rain this season, our beautiful hair and skin are the worst sufferers. So instead of letting the rain drops bog you down, read this great beauty fundas revealed by Bollywood heroines and have a fantastic rainy season!

Neha Dhupia

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Neha believes in wearing only minimal makeup everyday. A bit of lip stain and cheek stain is okay for her. For mascara she always opts for waterproof ones.

For the hair, she shampoos it regularly and conditions it to keep the hair more relaxed. Whenever she is not shooting, she pulls back her hair and ties it in a ponytail.

During the monsoons, she avoids jogging and running. She spends an hour at gym and indulges herself with yoga and pilates.

Dia Mirza

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Dia avoids wearing foundation this season, as it becomes greasy, therefore she goes for a powder based concealer. She wears only waterproof makeup this season, but does not like heavy makeup.

For the skin, she uses an oil-free moisturiser.

For Dia, conditioning the hair is must, as it keeps the frizzes at bay. She loves braiding her hair, also she finds hair bands and pins to do miracles in a bad hair day!

She suggest in this season, once in awhile we can gorge on fried foods in small quantities, but then whatever we eat, we must be ready to shed those extra calories.

Amy Jackson

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For Amy, she loves using tinted moisturisers instead of foundations, and likes using cream blushes instead of powdered ones. She goes for a soft lip color, and kohl on her eyes, and finishes it with mascara – certainly a waterproof one.

She exfoliates her facial skin, at least once every week. She uses a light cleanser, skin toner and moisturiser every day. And never wears any damp clothes as that leads to fungal infections often.

Amy belives in keeping her hair healthy and so takes Vitamin E.

For workout, she does yoga and functional training which are generally space saving, that means requires only a bit of space at home. Also she prefers walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator’s help.

Aditi Rao Hydari

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Aditi does not use makeup on a daily basis, but sticks to using a lip balm and waterproof mascara on special days of outing.

She keeps her skin clean by washing it with water and also splashing some cold raw milk on the face.

She loves experimenting with her hairstyle by doing plaits and twists. She likes doing fish plait and a side French braid.

She does yoga.

Now that you know the beauty secrets of the Bollyood stars, you can start following the favourite tips and see a better you in this season.
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