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How to choose a flattering frame color for your eyeglasses

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How many of us have been in a dilemma to choose the perfect frame color for eyeglasses for ourselves? I guess a lot of us have faced the same problem while we went to shop eyeglasses for our eyes. We have asked ourselves - which colored frame would be suitable for me? But the question kept on echoing in our minds, with no definite answers. And then, we have chosen such frames which we realized to be not so perfect when came back home and tried on ourselves. At least that happened to me many a times, what about you?

These days we get a variety of colors in eyeglasses frames. Ranging from single colored or toned glasses like reds and blacks and purples, to multiple colored blended frames of eyeglasses. However we must keep one thing in mind always that, if we want to choose a flattering frame for our eyeglasses, we must consider our skin complexion, hair color, as well as various other factors.

a)      Skin Tone : First and foremost, think of your own skin tone. Ask yourself – is your skin complexion warm toned or cool toned?

If you are warm toned with yellow or peachy undertones, go for eyeglasses frames in golden, brown, or bluish turquoise colors.

If you are cool toned with pink undertones, go for black, silver, purple or grey colored frames of eyeglasses.

b)      Hair Color : Keep in mind your hair color and choose the eyeglasses frame accordingly for yourself.


If your hair color is black, light blonde, greyish, you would be looking best with eyeglasses having frames of pink, grey, light blue colors.


If your hair color is darker, like dark brown, dark red then go for brown, golden, khaki, copper frames.

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c)       Eye Color : Pay attention to your eye color. Yes your color of the eyes should also compliment the eyeglasses frame color.

If your eye color is in the blue and/or bluish families you are cool toned, so choose the color, according to the suggestions provided above.

If your eye color falls in the brown and/or brownish colors, then you are warm toned.

Also you can go by your eye color, like if you have bluish eyes or light blue eyes, you can opt for light blue frames for the eyeglasses.

d)      Color of your wardrobe : Your eyeglasses frame should also compliment the color of your outfits.

If you wear pastel shade outfits, then you can buy light pink or plum shades of eyeglasses frames.

If you love wearing black or white or grey outfits, then you can choose a red colored frame.

However to be safe, you can keep a black or white framed eyeglasses, as they go well with any colored outfits.

e)      Rimless glasses : If you still cant decide on which colored frame of eyeglasses you should invest in, then play safe and buy rimless eyeglasses.

Before your bill is finalised and invoice is printed, make sure you have tried on yourself as many types of eyeglasses you could lay your hands on, and you have tried various colored frames on yourself. Only by trying so many eyeglasses you would probably be able to choose the right eyeglasses frame for yourself.

Before I end the post, I would like to add, that though trendy colored frames like yellow or bright red or mauves can look very attractive, but remember that they wont go with all types and colors of outfits. Therefore you need to have different color frames for different occasions and outfits. So if you can afford to buy many pairs of eyeglasses, then only go ahead and buy trendy colored frames of eyeglasses.
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