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Eyeglasses for women

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To match your personal style and taste, there are varieties of eyeglasses. But when you visit an optical store you get confused by seeing such a huge stock of eyeglasses – you cant choose the right one for yourself. But next time you visit a store, you wont be giving that perplexed gaze ; with the tips given below, i am pretty sure your eyewear shopping will be breezy easy.

Frame Type : While choosing the frame, consider your complexion, hair color, face shape. If you are going to wear the eyeglasses all the time, or only when you go out or while you are at work, chose the frame accordingly.

Ask the salesperson to assist you, by telling your requirements. Also tell the salesperson, what kind of eyeglasses frame you are looking for – whether it should be bold and statement ones, or conservative delicate ones.

Comfort: Dont just go by the look of the eyeglasses, comfort of the eyewear also matters. If a frame looks very cool, but when you wear it, you don’t feel comfortable in it, then lets face it - it is not a good buy. If you buy a nice looking pair of eyeglasses and keep it in your drawer most of the time, the eyewear is definitely not the worth of the money you spent.

So just remember the few points mentioned below -

·         The frame should not be sliding off your nose.

·         The front of the frame should not be too wide and should fit your nose.

·         The nose pads should be comfortable for your nose.

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Durability : It is another factor which you should keep in mind. Obviously you don’t need eyeglasses which wont even last for two to three months. At times it is very difficult for the customers to differentiate between well-made frames and poorly constructed ones as generally all the frames have a nice finishing. So it is better to seek the advice of the salesperson or the optician.

Wardrobe : For women, their wardrobes are integral parts of their lives. We, women are so particular when it comes to outer looks. So before going for shopping eyewear, have a look at your wardrobe. Check out the outfits that you generally wear – whether they are casual or formal or girly, also take a note of the colors in your wardrobe.

If you own feminine girly dresses, and that too mostly in pastel or light shades, then its better to go for some feminine pastel shaded frames.

If the majority of clothes in your wardrobe belong to the formal category, i would suggest you to pick up something in black or browns, and the frame should not be too thin or too thick.

If you love wearing casual outfits, you can choose frames of any colors, keeping in mind the colors of outfits you have. Try to find out one common base color, which will be complementary to most of the outfits.
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