Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oiling the Scalp – Absolutely necessary or not?

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From childhood onwards, our mothers or grannies have taught us to oil our hair and scalp before styling the hair. You might be not a fan of this ritual of oiling your scalp, and hence you have asked your hairstylists many a times that whether oiling the scalp is absolutely needed or not? Some said yes, while some no, and a few looked at you with a confused smile!

Well, aEsThEtIcS say that it is not necessary to oil the scalp. But yes, if you want you can do so. Massaging the scalp with a little bit of oil is relaxing, and many of us like it! Some of you might be having pretty oily scalps, in those cases obviously you do not need to put on additional oil on the scalp. If you are having dry hair with an oily scalp, its your hair that needs oiling and moisturising and not the scalp.

Now, in case you want to stick to your childhood ritual of oiling the scalp, keep a few things noted below in mind always –
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1.      Go for natual oils : Go to the food store or organic market. Pick up any natural oils like oils from jojoba or cocunut. Jojoba oil is particularly very good as it is quite same as that of the sebum produced by the scalp. Jojoba oil can also be used as a moisturizer on all over your body.

2.      Oil only when you need it : It is not necessary to oil the hair and scalp each and everyday. Season to season and person to person, the requirements vary. If your scalp itches, if its dry, go for a light application of hair oil. However if there is no flakiness on the scalp, its clean and smooth, do not oil. During the winter season you need weekly oiling sessions, however for summer, it can be done fortnightly or even monthly.

3.      Avoid products having petrolatum : Whichever products you are using, please go through the ingredients list. If petrolatum is mentioned in the list (as can be seen in many hair care products list) steer clear of those products. It is actually the hair grease many of us used to apply during the childhood. It benefits the hair in no way. It just coats your hair, and attracts all kinds of dirt. If you want your hair not to weight down and your pores not to get clogged, then avoid using products having petrolatum.
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