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Belt it up!! Belt styles for women

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Simple things are mostly forgotten by people and that includes belts for women. Fashion belts are must-haves for your closet as wardrobe staples. They are great for all types of wear from corporate to casual or party, you name it.


  • Bold and wide belt: to draw attention to your tiny waist, you can choose a wide belt which is bold and loud. It adds details and stands out beautifully in long waist women.
  • Metallic/Stretchy belts: Small stretchy belts add flair to the top and give a ruffled look and are great on high waist pants. Do not add details if you have a broad mid section and having a large belt in a low rise pant makes you look bigger.
  • Kimono belt: For a pretty, classy and bold look, go for a kimono belt style. It is similar to a piece of long ribbon in silk or satin and highly versatile. You can tie it up in double knots or you can tie an oversized bow to complete your dressy look.
  • Over skirts: You can leave a wide belt loose over a high waist skirt and look cool in it.
  • Colors: Use a contrasting colored belt for color blocking or separate a single piece dress into two. Neutral colors add soberness and bright colors are always hippie-hippie.
  • Flowy fabrics: Give shape to your flowy dress and flatter your body.
  • Oversized coat: Most of us tend to get lost in an oversized coat, sometimes. Add a belt to give a curvy look and style.
  • Yellow Belt from apparelshowroom
  • Loose shirts and pants: To accentuate your feminine figure belt it up with small or showy belt of your choice. It gives a fitted chic look. High waisted pants in solid bold colors can be complemented with wide belts.
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