Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ADMIRING ~ Maxi Dresses

Striped Maxi Dress from Bebe
This patio-dress inspired full-length free-flowing dress offers a casual sophistication to women from all walks of life. The maxi dress fits so properly that its wearers are finding comfort in it. The styles accentuate your body and come in all kinds of fabric from cotton to polyester. So you can be less worried about the weather outside. These breezy dresses make you look fabulous if paired with flip-flops and funky accessories. It is suitable for any body shapes.

Dress shapes and sizes : Choose the maxi dress according to your body shape. Flaunt the best in you. Whatever be your height, choose your dress not lower than just grazing your feet and not above your ankles. You can just add a blazer for structure and coverage. A v-neckline adds length to your petite body and halter necks are best for broad shoulders. Add a belt in the narrow waist to give you a defined structure. Layers, ruffles and pleats also add details to small figured body.
Black feather print maxi dress

Prints and colors:  Prints and colors of the maxi dresses should also be tastefully selected. Huge women can choose larger motif prints and petites can don their intricately elaborate designed dress.

Shoes and sandals : Platforms and wedges tend to add more height according to the length of your dress. For a more casual look, choose a pair of flip-flops. Spiky stilettos are better avoided to shun any fashion disaster.
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