Monday, October 15, 2012

ADMIRING ~ Leather Pants & Leather Leggings

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Leather pants and leggings have always been items on the top of a wardrobe must-have list however they are also quite controversial and so many celebrities have been slammed for wearing them inappropriately.However they are great pieces of clothing that you can pull off if you keep the following things in mind

1)     Focus on the fit of leather bottoms. You don’t want it being too tight and uncomfortable but you also don’t want them drooping and creation of unnecessary folds. Always try them on before purchasing them because your size may not exactly correspond to your normal  jeans/ pant size.

2)     Ensure contrast when it comes to leather. Pairing up a black top with black leather pants is a bad idea!

3)     Always  remember to keep tops,shirts,coats etc toned down in terms of  patterns , colours, detailing etc. It’s all about being MINIMALISTIC! You can never go wrong with plain white shirts and tees paired up with a black leather jacket.

4)     Jackets and Blazers always compliment leather pants and leggings.

5)     If you’re wearing just a top with the leggings , make sure it’s loose and flowy. A tight top with tight pants/leggings is sure to  create a fashion faux pas

6)     Leather pants and leggings always look good with heels. You are free to experiment with them according to what you’re wearing on top
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The way leather leggings and pants shape your legs, is flattering and often sought after. If pulled off well with confidence , you’ll find nothing more like it!

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