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How to choose a skirt according to the body shape

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Whatever your body type , you can always pull off a skirt. It’s all about the type and make of the skirt.

·         Short figure: If you aren’t really lucky in the height department , skirts can actually do magic .Short figures are flattered best by tapered straight skirts and A-line skirts. Vertical symmetry will also create the illusion of length. The length of the skirt should be around the knee and an off center slit might add to the illusional elongation.The mermaid skirt is also another option if you belong to this body type.

You must avoid hem detail, mid-calf length skirts, patch pockets, and girly skirts.

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·         Broad waist: You should consider long and full skirts or short skirts to distract the attention from your waist to legs.

Avoid skirts with any kind of embellishment around the middle, as these will draw attention to your waist. Also stay away from skirts with too much horizontal detail on the hip area as it tends to accentuate your hips.

·         Hourglass figure: If you have curves to flaunt , you should go for skirts with subtle tapering ,A-lines and wraparounds. Soft and flowy skirts can help draw attention to the legs and not the curves.

If you have an hourglass figure, avoid stiff fabrics, pleats and any horizontal patterns. Also avoid tight skirts . More than accentuating the figure, it might make you look even huge.

·         Flabby stomach: If you want to disguise your floppy belly , wear pencil skirts and A-line skirts.Dark colours and bold patterns are perfect to hide your stomach flab.

Avoid waistbands or any clinging skirt, pleats, wraps etc.

·         Bottom-heavy figure: If you have a fuller bottom, you can definitely use skirts to complement your body shape. An A-line style, flowy skirts and wraps do the trick. A  knee-length skirt can work if it's tapered and consists of vertical patterns.

Avoid waistbands,pockets, pleats flare, or horizontal designs .
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·         Large thighs: This figure is flattered by skirts that are loose or have soft pleats.

Avoid wearing narrow skirts.
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