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Are you ready to wear a headscarf?

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Predicted to strut right back into today’s fashion scene are the multifaceted HEADSCARVES! Popularized my movie actresses in the 1960’s these scarves were a symbol of a tough and hardworking woman however they now depict a certain freshness and is the perfect accessory when you don’t know what you want to do with your hair.Silk, Nylon or Rayon, these scarves are perfect for all seasons and adds a dash of color to your hair. Here’s a few ways you can pull off a headscarf with various looks:

·       Casual

You can pull of an effortlessly casual hairstyle by using a headscarf as a hairband.Fold the scarf till it becomes the width of a hairband, place it on your head and tie it up at the nape of the head.

You could also use scarves to tie back a ponytail or a braid. You could wrap it around the top of the ponytail completely.However for a more feminine and romantic look let its ends lying loose or braid the scarf into the hair
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·       Boho

If you’re looking for a more Boho gypsy-ish look wrap the scarf around your forehead and tie the ends at the back of the head.

·       Tribal inspired

Tribal inspired hairdos not only give you an exotic look but are perfect for those bad hair days when you need to cover your entire head. Ensure that you have wide or long scarf for this hairdo. Place the longest end on your head a little behind your hairline. Pull the rest of the scarf towards the nape of the neck and twist it into a bun, tucking it in underneath the nape.
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A smart and crafty way to create a turban is to use a rimless hat and wrap a scarf around it.This avoids the hassle involved in the process of creating a hair turban.

There are approximately 300+ ways to tie a head scarf. So go ahead! Experiment and play around with them to create the look you want.

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