Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ADMIRING ~ Oversized Bows

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If one wishes to have the childhood girly innocence with one’s grown-up style wardrobe ensembles, then an oversized bow can be a too alluring thought. The greatest thing about an oversized bow is that you can wear it in many ways and styles. The list of places on which you can have a huge bow is endless. You can wear it on top, bottom, around your waist; tie up your locks as a head band, bags, sandals or shoes, necklaces or bracelets and so on. These bows give a feminine touch to your look with prettiness and class. They are eye-catching and make any clothing, kids or bridal, attractive. So loot the fun of placing the whopping bow anywhere you wish and enjoy.
Image Courtesy : stylehive

Don’t exaggerate with accessories if you choose to have a huge bow in your attire. Keep it playful and play it simple. It completely depends on your choice. A classy look is ensured, if you stick to a plain black oversized bow around your tiny waist, in your favorite little black dress teamed with a simple pearl string of necklace and a more casual look is attained by keeping your bow flouncy over layered skirt.
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