Monday, October 15, 2012

ADMIRING ~ Polka Dotted outfits and accessories!

Image Courtesy : styleguru
Say vintage clothing and the first visual that pops in your head is the classic pattern of polka dots. The trend of polka dots has managed to hold its stand since the 20th century. They exude a classy and elegant look along with being fun and playful

The most clich├ęd rendition of the polka dot is the classic black and white schemed polka. Pull off a classic short black dress with mini white polkas or a loose blouse of the same pattern.Similiarly designed Polka skirts can also be teamed up with a top of a solid colour palette. White polka dots on red fabric is also another pattern you can experiment with.  Avoid full length polka dresses unless the dots cover only a particular section of the dress or are extremely small in size.. Polka blazers are a smart way to add a dash of life to your formal attire
Image Courtesy : kristenlourie

Polka dotted accessories add a certain charm to your entire outfit.Although you’re in for a big disaster if you think of pairing these with polka dotted clothes. Also avoid polka accessories with clothes of striking symmetry such as large stripes , swirls etc. Sunglasses , handbags , heels , earrings etc are a few of them that seemed to have adopted this trend successfully.

It’s always fun to experiment with polka dots. However avoid large,overlapping polkas and avoid excessive use of this pattern.
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