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ADMIRING ~ Sheer Dresses

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If you have the confidence to bare it, sheer dresses are for you.You can carry a provocative look without looking vulgar and also look elegant effortlessly. Fabrics such as mesh, tulle, lace, and organza are the most popular ones  that make up this style. Here are some tips if you choose to go for a sheer dress:

1)      Selection of undergarments

This is a very important criterion when it comes to sheer dresses. You must ensure that the colour of your undergarments don’t compete with the colour of your clothes in any sort of way. Dodge any type of contrast to avoid looking trashy.If you’re going for a body shaper , tummy tucker etc. make sure it camouflages with your skin tone.

2)      Fitting

Never opt for tight fitting and figure hugging when it comes to sheer garments. However it is okay for a dress to have its non-sheer section as tight fitting .
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3)      Material and colour

Stick to breezy, light and flowy materials or lace. Also since you’re showing off skin , make sure that the colour of the dress complements your skin tone.

If you’re extremely figure conscious , you could use sheer to your advantage. Wearing dresses with sheer sleeves can give your arms a slimming effect. You could also incorporate a sheer neckline  or a sheer back for a glamorous and elegant look. A normal knee length dress could be extended with a sheer material to look  sexy yet classy. Sheer shoulderpieces are another common fashion trend.
Image Courtesy : female-fashion.co.uk

Also remember that for a sophisticated look you need to incorporate sheer and non-sheer material into a dress. Make sure the panels in the dress are tailor-made for your body and well fitting to avoid fashion disasters! With the right choices you can get away with sheer dresses without inspiring scandal.

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