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How to wear Checks and Plaids

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You can always get away with plaids and checks irrespective of it being summer,winter,monsoon or autumn. There is a minor difference between plaids and checks . While checks are thin , equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines plaids are broad horizontal and vertical lines that are of varying distance from each other. Either way , here are a few tips you should keep in mind while playing around with these criss cross of lines

1)      Always pair a checkered/ plaid item with solid colours. You don’t want to be looking like a mess with too many patterns and designs across your clothes

2)      Also NEVER pair one kind of plaid/checkered item with another one even if it’s of a different colour or shade

3)      You could also accessorize your outfit with a plaid / checkered tie or scarf.

4)      If you’re going for the schoolgirl look Pick a plaid skirt with traditional colors, like red and black or navy and black. Pair it up with a plain white shirt. black socks, and black flats.

5)      When it comes to checked shirts , remember that oversize is NOT a mistake. Team up loose checked shirts with jeans or leggings for a laidback and casual look.

6)      You can also wear a form fitting plaid dress with flats for a casual look and heels/boots for a dressier look.
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7)      If you plan to wear plaid/checked shorts , it will look great with a solid coloured polo shirt or a loose formal shirt that can be left out or tucked in .

8)      Checkered shoes are a huge fad these days. However make sure you pair them up with solid colours and casual outfits.

9)      Checkered/ Plaid hoodies is another great item that will look great with skinny jeans or solid coloured shorts

10)  Plaid/Checked pants are an absolute NO NO and should be avoided at all costs.

11)  Checkered clothes usually have a slimming effect. Ruffles on a simple checkered top can add to this effect.

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When it comes to checks and plaids you always have an option of dressing up or dressing it down, casual or formal, sporty or feminine.
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