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All About Wine Facials!

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Wine facial is quite popular now. Apart from enjoying wine in drinks, you can mix a variety of ingredients with it to give your skin a vinotherapy or wine facial in simple terms.

Benefits of wine facial:

There are benefits claimed by these facials like it is anti-aging, improves complexion, eliminates dead cells and improves blood circulation. It freshens up your skin and removes all dullness. It removes pigmentation, tans and blemishes.

The anti oxidants present in wine removes the toxins from your skin and slow down its process of aging by tightening it. Red wine is more suitable for younger looking skin and white wine for skin lifts and firmness in addition with acne treatment.
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As moisture trapping agents- White wine has alpha hydroxyl acids. These acids trap the moisture in your skin, due to their water-binding properties; hence it is great for dry skin.

Commonly used wines for dry skin are Sula Reisling, Chateau D’Ori Sauvignon and Michel Lynch Bordeaux.

As anti-acne element- wine is filled with polyphenol resveratrol which reduces inflammation and good choice for oily skin.

Commonly used types are Sula Rasa which is also known as Shiraz and Indus Cabernet Sauvignon.

How to do wine facials at home:

Before starting with any wine mask or massage, cleanse your face and open the pores with steam. If you think that the high concentrated herbs and fruit extracts can cause allergy to your sensitive skin, then you can dilute the solution using rose water before massaging.
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Wine with Aloe Vera gel for dry skin: Mix 3 tablespoon of red wine and half tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera gel with one tablespoon of organic honey. Add any aroma oil of your choice. Apply and wash after 20 minutes.

Wine and yoghurt for oily skin: Mix 3 tablespoon of red wine and blend it with yoghurt and few drops of tea tree oil.

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