Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Asymmetrical Dresses - Are you ready to try this style?

Image Courtesy : aliexpress
We’ve all seen asymmetric clothing on the runway but always have second thoughts on how it would look on us. However this type of clothing can act as a magician’s robe making you look exactly like you want yourselves to look. Infact it also has the power to decide which part of your body you want all eyes to be on. Here are some tips and pointers when it comes to asymmetrical clothing

1)      If you don’t own a piece of asymmetrical design, it’s easy to recreate one from something lying in your wardrobe. Experiment with your scissors and snip off shoulders, sleeves, bottoms of tops, skirts etc. However avoid messy and keep it simple

2)      Asymmetrical designing doesn’t necessarily mean cutting off pieces and showing off skin. It could be done through layering of clothes , runching cloth at specific areas etc. While layering clothes , remember to keep the volume light. If you're slender and want to add curves, use skirts that are more gathered or have layers and if you’re on the heavier side , avoid skirts with too many layers at the waist.

3)      Also when it comes to  asymmetric clothing , experimenting with too many colours might make you look like a circus freak. Make sure you stick to one or maximum 2 colours .
Image Courtesy : gypsy05

Make sure you aren’t wearing an attire full of cuts, gaps or layers. Smart incorporation of asymmetric clothing in your daily wardrobe is guaranteed to turn heads.
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