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Maternity Dresses Tips

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You must be happy with your tiny one growing inside you and getting ready to give you the nudge. Many think that when you have the baby bump, you must compromise with dull oversized garments but here are few tips to look ravishing throughout your nine months of pregnancy and look chic in dressing for two.

  • Empire-waist or A-line dresses: Moms-to-be love this dress because it has enough room for your growing belly throughout your pregnancy period and the free flowing part just flaunts your tummy in the desired way. It is also economical as it can be used for nine months completely and even after delivery when you have some ante-natal fat.

  • Belly band: This is a stretchable fabric that overlaps your really low waist jeans or even if you have left it unzipped and saves you from many fashion disasters.

  • Add details and layers: Try to add ruffles and floral pleats with long hemlines to give room and enough space to your expanding belly and growing bust. The temperature of your body will also be constantly changing so be comfortable in layering with your jackets.
Image Courtesy : pregnancyfashion.sheknows

  • Designer Jeans: After 4-5 months of pregnancy, boost your fashion confidence by investing in some really good pair of maternity jeans with stretchable waist band.

  • Right bras: Your bust will seem not to stop growing and you may feel awkward to change the cup size often. So choose bras with enough space and support. You can also buy sleeping bras for night-time discomfort and invest in some good maternity bras too.
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  • Alternative choice: Reach out for your stretchable yoga pants or comfy elastic tank tops while at home. You can also experiment with your partner’s clothes or maternity dresses of your friends who have done with having kids.

Rather than investing in high-end designer maternity dresses, restrict your temptation and stick to staple colors for work and mix-n-match with your old dresses.
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