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How to do twisted low bun hairstyle

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With the temperatures soaring high, we can only think of chic gorgeous hairstyles which help us in looking gorgeous as well as keep the mane tucked away. As you must be aware buns are in this season. And for a summer evening, nothing can be lovely than the loose maxi dress and the twisted low bun hair style to rock the eve! If you want to get the twisted bun, keep reading.

·       The central feature of this look is centre parting of hair, of course. Parting in the middle will accentuate the face and the cheek bones, provided you are lucky enough to have a symmetrical face shape. So the first step is to part the hair from the middle. However, if you have already mastered getting the perfect twisted bun, go ahead and try and other parting like on the sides or zig-zag.

·       On either side take one each section of the hair and start twisting them until you reach the back of your head. You need to start it from low, and do not tighten the twists too much.

·       Take the entire length of the hair at the back of the head and pull all hair to make a bun. The bun should be hanging low on the nape of the neck. Keep the whole hairstyle light, you may even pull out a few hair strands as when we think of bun hairstyle, we can visualize a slightly unkempt messy look.

·       Use thin hair clips to tie the bun and the sides of the hair. Also be sure not to make these clips visible if you wanna look neat and tidy!

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With this messy twisted low bun, go for smokey, thick kohl-lined eyes. This hair style will compliment both loud as well as mute colored pout. You can team it up with a maxi dress or may be a gown.
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