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How to grow back over-plucked eyebrows

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Too much of anything is bad, they say! Now, you are feeling guilty of over-tweezing your brows. So how can you grow back your eyebrows? Is there a way? Yep, there is! aEsThEtIcS brings for you a few tips which can help in growing the over-plucked eyebrows.

Before you start that tweezing business again, please remember any more pulling of the brow hair can inflame the follicles of the hair thereby causing damage which will make the eyebrow grow very short, finer than your brows actually are. Day after day, month after month, and yes year after year, if this kind of plucking goes on, the hair follicles get scarred and then growth of eyebrow hair is altogether stopped.

Keep a safe distance from tweezers, let the brows grow. Yes they will be uneven sparse for some time, but let it be. No plucking, no waxing for at least 2 months! In the meantime, the hair follicles will get healed. And when you start tweezing again, use such tweezers which wont be breaking off the hair. Tweeze extra hair below the natural shape of your brows.

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If you don’t know the natural shape of your eyebrows as you have lost too much of hair there, use an eyebrow stencil. Place the stencil on your brows and follow the shape of it to draw the brows with an eyebrow pencil. Choose an eyebrow pencil which is a shade lighter than your hair, this will give your brows a soft look which is natural.

Do not get tempted by tattooed eyebrows and get it done on you! Tattoo ink fades over time and even changes color after some time, so tattooing the eyebrows is not a good idea after all!
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