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How to make your eyes pop with makeup

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Its every girl’s dream to have the best eye makeup applied on her eyes in order to have beautiful eyes. We all want our eyes to pop out with the help of makeup, to really make the eyes stand out. Expressive eyes can talk volumes than words can. So if you want to know about eye popping makeup, continue to read this article as i shall put down eye popping makeup tips in this post.

Its essential to enhance eyes with the help of makeup as the first thing another person notices about you are your eyes! You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to get the perfect eye popping makeup done. Whether you want a smokey eye makeup or soft eye makeup, in every case, making your eyes pop is easy if you know the right tricks.

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Brown or black eyes – Indians generally have black or brown eyes. You can definitely go for bronze eye shadows for black or brown eye makeup. Few other eye shadow colors perfect for brown or black eyes are deep green, teal, eggplant, navy and silver. The more the pigmentation of the eye shadows, better it will be for your eyes. These shadows will help black eyes or brown eyes pop.

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Hazel eyes – Hazel eyes are easy to work with as it has combination of brown, green and golden tones in it. Smokey eye makeup would really go good with hazel eyes especially if you use a lot of black and brown eye shadow. Warm golden eye shadows will bring out the golden tone in your eyes more, so you can choose such shadows too. If you are more into plums, aubergine would be better for you, as it will have red with plum color rather than the blue and plum combination. That will help to pop the hazel eyes.

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Blue eyes – If you want your blue eyes to pop out with makeup, stick to eye shadows which are peachy or rose gold colored or medium browns. Blue eyes mean your eyes are on the cooler tone side, hence if you use warm eye shadow colors that will make your eyes stand out more. Any icy blue eye shadow should be avoided!

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Green eyes – Green eyes are a bit more yellow than blue eyes, so rusty brown, pink, deep plum and even light purple eye shadows will help green eyes pop. Two shades of purple would look great on green eyes, like you can use a light lilac colored shadow all over your eye lids, and you can take a dark purple shadow and line your upper lash lines.

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With the above mentioned eye makeup tips, i am certain you will be able to do your eye makeup well so that your eyes pop and you look glam as always!

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