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How to get rid of panty lines?

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If you are not familiar with the term ‘panty line’ then let me tell you its the outline of panty which can be seen through the pants or skirts you wear outside. If you are wearing a fashionable dress these panty lines can spoil the entire look. And if you realize on the go that your panty lines are visible that very moment you will become nervous and uncomfortable.

You can hide the panty lines by selecting your dresses wisely. Definitely you need not ditch tight dresses fearing your panty lines’ visibility. One easy way to get rid of the panty lines is wearing thongs, this particular type of women’s underwear don’t cause lines. There are some other ways to avoid panty lines, which i will discuss next.

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Stick to thicker fabrics – If your bottom wear is going to be tight avoid any lightweight slinky fabrics like clothes made up of silk or jersey. Go for textured fabrics, that would hide any lines trying to lurk from behind. Prints can also hide the panty lines.

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Layering with pantyhose / Tights – If you wear a thin tights or pantyhose that wont make you look bulky but in fact smoothens out any lines if visible.

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Slip – You can take the help of an old school slip just wear it before wearing your outerwear and it will smoothen any lumps or lines below.

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Thongs and g-strings – A stylist would always recommend thongs or g-strings and though its generally not comfortable like regular briefs or hipsters, but then g-strings are a bit longer in length and not that tight. Also these types of women’s underwear will definitely not come with any panty lines.

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Boyshorts – If you really hate the idea of wearing a g-string or thong, boyshorts should work for you They dont end abruptly middle of the butt cheeks but go below the butt cheeks. You can also wear a flat lace boyshort, it will not show any lines.

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Buy laser-cut underwear – Popular international brands like Victoria’s Secret, Barely There, Calvin Klein manufacture panties which are laser-cuts and don’t show any lines. You can buy regular laser-cut briefs from these brands. In India, specific No Panty Lines panties are available with women's underwear brands like Jockey, Marks and Spencer to name a few.

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Wear shapewear – Shapewears are best, whatever you wear beneath, you can cover up all the flaws, lumps and lines under the shapewear. Laser cut shapewears are available in plenty in the market. These shapewears for women seamlessly smoothens out everything!

Now with these tricks, you can easily avoid the visible panty lines, and rock any tight dresses!

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