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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

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Smokey eye makeup look is one of the most popular eye makeup trend been followed by women all over the world. Its easy to do, and the results are amazing if you can achieve the smokey eye look perfectly. But then there are bad days where we use bad makeup techniques and end up getting raccoon like eyes with lot of eye shadows or just look ghastly! Smokey eye makeup tips will definitely help everyone to get the perfect smokey eyes.

Also, we must keep in mind that there are different shapes of eyes. For some of us, our eyes might be smaller than our faces in general. But that should not stop one from getting smokey eye makeup, right? If you want to know how to do smokey eye on small eyes, read on.
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§  Prime the eyelids well, and apply foundation and concealer on the eye areas which have dark circles.
§  Take a light eye shadow and apply it on the eyelids especially on the inner corners.
§  Avoid using too dark eye shadow colors on your eyelids if you have small eyelids. Avoid colors like purple, black, dark brown etc.
§  If you are using any darker eye shadows, make sure not to apply them all over the eyelids.
§  You can apply the dark eye shadow from the upper lash line and blend it a bit above the crease. But make sure to keep the brow bone areas free from any color. Just highlight the brow bone areas with any shimmery highlighter.
§  You can line your upper eye lids with a thin stroke of eye liner. Avoid using a dark black eye liner, instead opt for blue or brown liners. If you use lot of black color on your eyes, that will make your eyes look shrunken.
§  For small eyes, you can at times use a dark eye liner on the waterline to line it. But if you want your eyes to really pop out, then line the inner rim of your lower lash line with a white eye liner.
§  Dont forget to curl your eye lashes properly and put on coats of mascara. To get a more dramatic smokey eye look, don’t hesitate to wear false eye lashes.

Picture Courtesy : pinterest
So, i hope the eye makeup tips for small eyes will help you ladies to achieve the perfect smokey eyes. Throw on some colors and line your eyes and rock the world with your smokey eye magic!


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