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How to Apply Kajal without Smudging

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Its true that eyes are the windows of your soul. And therefore, eye makeup seems to be on top of the women’s makeup list always. Eyes can emote way better than our actions or words can. When a person looks at you, the first thing that comes to notice are the eyes.

Not all of us are born with lovely eyes, but with the power of makeup we can always accentuate the beauty of eyes. A flawless eye makeup will enhance the overall look and make you look more beautiful.

However when it comes to kajal that is also called kohl, its tough to keep it intact and as it is on the place without any smudging. Because, if kajal smudges then it will spoil the entire eye makeup, and makes the eyes look dull with black shadow or black circles around.

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Its a very common question, how to apply kajal perfectly so that the kajal does not smudge. In this post, we shall share a few tips which will prevent kajal from smudging.

·         If you are using a kajal pencil, start lining the eyes from outer corner towards inner corner of the eyes. Apply with short strokes. Apply the kajal pencil on the waterline too to get beautiful kajal-lined eyes.
·         If your eyes are watery and its not comfortable for you to use kajal pencils or eyeliner pencils, go for gel eyeliners. Apply the gel eyeliners with brush.
·         Another great tip to make the kajal last longer is dip the kajal pencil or eyeliner pencil in gel eye liner pot. This will intensify the black pigment and also prevent the liner from smudging. You can then apply the kajal pencil on the waterline.

Picture Courtesy : Maybelline
With the instructions given above, applying kajal without smudges would be no longer a gruelling task.

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