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Styling Tips for Plus Size Women

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Not all of us are of the same shape and size. Many women are proud of their size zero figures while some other love to flaunt their curvy bodies. Chubby girls or plus size ladies too love to e fashionable and trendy! Whatever shape and size you are, just be confident and feel comfortable.

Right from your makeup to outfit, if you are plus size you must pay attention on. Its very important to develop your own style and flaunt it. Always have someone beside you, while you are trying new outfits, so that you can keep their suggestions and feedback in your mind and style yourself accordingly.

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Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women :-
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o   Choose the right dress size – While shopping remember, shopping for plus size women depends a lot on the right dress size. The size should not be too small or too tight for you, else it will make you look more chubby and over-weight. Baggy loose garments are also a big NO!
o   Grooming – Wherever you go, make sure you are well groomed like your manicure and pedicure done. Make sure you got nice shiny hair. While you sit, try to sit elegantly with the right posture. A well groomed plus size woman will definitely attract the onlookers rather than a not-so-well maintained slim girl.
o   Illusion – Pay attention to the minutest details of your look, be it your handbag, jewellery or makeup! Accessorize in a fabulous way. That would draw all the attention to the good accessories and your great features instead of highlighting the plus size figure.
o   Color play – Styling tips for plus size girls are available in plenty but you should choose the best tips which you can incorporate in your looks. Dark colors always hide flaws, so you can opt for a dark colored dress with a light colored belt or accessories. And if the bottom wear is dark, you can wear a light colored top.
o   Patterns – If you are a plus size girl, its essential to keep in mind the style tips for plus size women. Stay away from big patters, as that will make you look bigger. Similarly, avoid horizontal stripes Stick to small patterns and vertical or diagonal stripes. Gathered fabric will also work best for plus size women.

Makeup Tips for Plus Size Women :-
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·         Highlight your eyes with bold eye makeup, that will deviate the attention of others from plus size figure to your beautiful eyes.
·         Stay away from nude colors. That will only highlight the puffiness and chubbiness on your face.
·         Contouring and highlighting is the best makeup trick for plus size women’s makeup. Use a bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks and jaws. Do not forget to highlight the under-eye areas with a light foundation or highlighter after that.

If you can groom yourself properly, the your shape and size wont really matter. You are bound to look good always. Hope the styling tips for plus size women help you.

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