Monday, August 10, 2015

How to Wear Tube Skirts at Office

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Office-goers no longer dress up in simple boring way, these days formal wear has evolved and become very fashionable and trendy! However, we need to be careful while choosing stylish formal outfits. If you dress smartly at your office, am sure you will feel more confidence inside and you can work a lot more!

Its very difficult to look glamorous 5 days a week. Also we must never go over-board with workplace fashion. A skirt and blouse combination is the most comfortable office wear, but at times it can just get boring.

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So, in order to look glam in your stylish office attire, play with the silhouettes of the office dresses. A simple panelled skirt is the staple boring office dress. Sop ditch those staple office attire and you must try on a front slitted tube skirt. This will ‘up’ your look at the office definitely. And you can pair up the chic tube skirt with a cotton spaghetti top.

Do not go for printed skirts or tops, the over all attire should be of solid colors, perfect to be worn at office. The tube skirt should really fit well at the waist and the back darts stitched well. The top can be tucked in and its best if you can wear a really light top with a dark skirt. As office or workplace footwear, you can wear nude pumps. Steel bracelets on your hands will glamorize the look alongwith glares. You can carry a sleep leather laptop bag.

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Well, thats all you need to look fab and sexy at workplace. Now, just look gorgeous and be confident.

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