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How to get a sweat-proof beauty regime

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Its challenging to combat with the heat and humidity which makes us all sweaty and spoils our makeup and overall appearance. So, if you are in such an emergency and do not want to get all sweaty and be beautiful fighting the sweat-drops, here are some quick fixes for you.

Pack your makeup bag wisely - In a hot and humid day, always keep a few essential beauty and grooming stuffs handy. Blotting papers, anti-perspirant deos etc should be carried inside your purse.

Dry Shampoo – If you want nice shiny hair, then do not forget to spray a bit of dry shampoo on the crown, so that it does not get sweaty there. In this way the hair wont get sticky or greasy even if you are working out or just outdoors. Also if you spray a little mist of the dry shampoo on your hair from mid-length up to the ends, your hair will have a very beach tousled texture.

Skincare – If you are oily skinned or your face gets oily and shiny during hot humid days, switch to an oil-free moisturizer, and also use toners which will keep your skin fresh and oil-free longer and also tighten skin pores a bit.

Dont shun the full-coverage foundation – Many of us stay away from full-coverage foundations during the sunny summer months, but its better to use one product rather than piling up different types of concealers and then foundation on the skin, if the skin is not totally flawless or blemish-free. Also a full-coverage foundation has a better lasting power. So, do not just toss it away. In case you feel the foundation is too heavy, mix a few drops of oil-free moisturizer with it and apply on face.

Layering Mascara trick – We have often faced odd uncomfortable situations wherein the mascara runs into the eyes after we sweat profusely. The combination of mascara and sweat is dreadful and can spoil the entire face makeup and eye makeup and also cause burning sensation in the eyes. So, one best way to make the mascara last all day without melting out is apply one coat of waterproof mascara, next put some talcum powder on the lashes and then again apply the final coat of same waterproof mascara. This will adhere the mascara to the eye lashes and prevents it from melting!

Choose deodorant wisely – Last but not the least, pay attention to the deodorant you are using. A normal deodorant will cover up any kind of smell while anti-perspirant sprays will minimize the amount of sweat which reaches on skin’s surface. Aluminium tetrachlorohydrex is the main component in anti-perspirant sprays which blocks sweat.

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