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How to Wear Gold Eye Shadow

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What can be the best way to embrace the sun other than flaunting a natural sun-kissed look. Gold eye shadows are not only glam and worthy to be worn on special occasions but also can be incorporated into everyday makeup look. If your skin complexion have a warm undertone, whether you are dusky or light, gold shadows are perfect for your complexion. However if you have a cool undertone, instead of gold shadows, go for silver or gray eye shadows.

Tips to choose the right gold eye shadow for your complexion :-
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o   If you got light colored eyes and also pale skin, opt for a light shade of gold shadow and pack it lightly on the eyelids. Do not wear any dark gold shadows as that might make you look aged. Do not forget to put some black or brown eye liner on the upper eye lids and coats of mascara.
o   If you have medium complexion, choose a darker bold gold shadow.
o   And obviously, if you have darker skin tone, go for a bright intense gold shadow.

How to do the Gold eye shadow eye makeup look :-
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·         Make sure that your eye lids are clean and non-oily, thereafter apply eye makeup primer on the eye lids.
·         You can apply a bit of foundation on the eyes and powder it next, so that you get a smooth canvas to work on.
·         Fill in your brows with an eye brow pencil or eye brow powder. It should be a shade lighter than your hair color.
·         Apply the gold eye shadow all over the upper eye lids with an eye shadow brush. You can build the intensity of the pigment by reapplying the shadow, if you want a more glamorous look for evening.
·         Next apply a bit of brown eye shadow on the crease and take a blending eye brush and blend everything well.
·         Apply black eye liner on the upper eye lids. And do not forget to coat your eye lashes with mascara.
·         If you want a bold glam look, apply a bit of brown eye shadow or brown eye pencil on the lower lash line.

So, thats all about the gold eye shadow makeup look. Try it girls, as soon as you can and let us know!

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