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Makeup habits that can ruin your skin

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Its a very common problem of almost every woman, to get upset after seeing her face up in the mirror as often we get to see dull complexion, breakouts, blemishes in the reflection. We aim to get perfect skin, we invest in good skincare products and also visit good dermatologists to take care of any skin issues, however we hardly ever achieve the flawless skin we have always dreamt of.

The reason why we always fall short of getting the perfect skin is not only environmental and ageing factors but can be our makeup habits too! In this post i shall discuss a few makeup habits which do not allow you to get the flawless skin.

Cleansing – The most common makeup mistake that we often commit is not taking off makeup properly. If you are wearing makeup, make sure you always cleanse off all those makeup well with no traces of makeup left on the skin. Cleansing your makeup without a fail will also ensure that your skin is free from whiteheads, clogged pores, breakouts or any kind of irritation and redness.

Wash your makeup brushes – If you use makeup brushes everyday while applying makeup, make sure to wash the brushes well every week without fail! Washing makeup brushes weekly helps the brushes to last longer and also keeps the brushes free from any kind of bacteria or makeup residue build up. Definitely you wont want your makeup to look patchy and blotchy with the makeup residue from last night when you applied makeup. Also a germ attack on the skin is not at all desirable. Hence, take care of your makeup brushes.

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Expiration date of cosmetics – If your skin is getting irritated or red or rashes are erupting then its time to check the expiry date of your makeup products. Even if you get a weird smell in your foundation, check the expiry date. No one would want to spoil their makeup look and ruin skin by using expired cosmetics. So double check the expiry dates and use only those makeup products which have not crossed the date of expiry.

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