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Perfect Eyebrow shape for your face shape

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We all know by now, the plain and simple technique to determine your brow shape. That is putting a pencil at the side of your nose and finding out the beginning, the mid-point and the end of the brow. But girls, thats not enough. The technique is over-simplified and since we have different face shapes, this over-simplified eyebrow shaping technique may not work fine for all of us. Therefore, its essential to know which eyebrow type suits your face type. Here is a post for all of you which will provide you some tips on how to shape your eyebrows depending on your face shape.

Basically, there are 6 different types of face shapes, like oval, square, long, round, heart and diamond. So whatever your face shape is, now with the help of this post, you can define your eyebrows perfectly which will suit your face shape.

Best eyebrow shape for round face
Eyebrow shape for round face – The ultimate aim is to make a round face look less round, and for that we need to make the face look a bit longer. So draw a straight line from the beginning of your brow to the mid-point, it should go upwards as the brow go towards the arch. The arches should be higher than usual and once you reach the mid-point and got a high sharp brow arch, immediately continue drawing the line downwards till you reach the end point of the brow.

Best eyebrow shape for oval face
Eyebrow shape for oval face – If you got an oval face, that is considered ideal for eyebrow shaping. You can create a soft angled eyebrow. Just start drawing the line and moving it upwards a bit and then create a gentle curve at the top and move the line downwards softly.

Best eyebrow shape for long face
Eyebrow shape for long face – If you have long face, you need to create the illusion of a shorter face. So you need not draw any arches on the brows, just start shaping the brows horizontally and after the mid-point just bend the line a bit down. You need a flat eyebrow shape to compliment your face shape.

Best eyebrow shape for square face
Eyebrow shape for square face – If you have a square face shape, you would have square jaws that are quite strong. So, balance it out with thick strong brows with arches. So start shaping or filling your brows thicker than you may usually do, and at the mid-point create a sharp arch, this will make your brows look sharper and stronger balancing your jaws.

Best eyebrow shape for heart face
Eyebrow shape for heart shaped face – You just need a soft curvy set of brows which will create a nice heart shape with your pointed chin at the end and your brows on top. So line your brows in a rounded fashion, with soft arches in the middle. The brows should be soft and feminine to match your face shape.
Best eyebrow shape for diamond face 

Eyebrow shape for diamond shaped face – The ultimate goal while shaping eyebrows in this face shape is to soften up the angles on your face and making the widest part of your face look narrower. So a curvy eyebrow shape will soften the angles and make the face look narrower. So start filling the brows going a bit thinner while moving upwards to the peak of the brows, and then coming down sharply till the end of the brows.

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